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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

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No knitting going on here...

Hard Life

I purposefully left my yarn at home to give my wrists a rest and stave off my impending carpal tunnel syndrome. Plus, who can think of wool when you're on the Riviera Maya?

Rainbow over Tulum

I got to see a rainbow over the Mayan ruins at Tulum today. That was pretty cool.

Light beach reading

And that's what I'm reading on the beach, Roberto Bolano's "2666." It's supposed to be an amazing work of literature. I'm on page 60 of 893, so I've got a ways to go before I can give my own opinion.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's Eve! Here's to 2009!

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At 2:11 AM , Blogger Deborah said...

I came by to wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year! I had second thoughts, just a little jealous, lol!
I am in Mass and we have 24F degree temps and a snow storm on its way. So have a drink for me on the beach and enjoy your New Year!

At 4:57 PM , Blogger Corey said...

That doesn't look fun at all...have a great night! Happy New Year!


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