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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Post-Valentine's Post

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Usually I'm not one to think twice about Valentine's Day. It's never really meant much to me as a holiday, maybe because I've usually had very low-key Valentine's nights or because I like to have low expectations to hedge against disappointment.

So imagine my pleasant surprise when yesterday turned out to be an awesome, fun, romantic day! I started off the day by blocking Piper's Jacket:

Finished Baby Jacket

(I've gotta remember to block on neutral-colored stuff from now on, 'cause the bright pink beach towel is a little distracting.)

I ad-libbed an i-cord flower to use as a button. I think turned out pretty cute:

Flower detail

I figured the flower would work as a closure for the jacket, without it being a choking hazard for little Piper. I made the 0-3 month size, and I finished it in under a week!

Then I got flowers from my special gentleman friend:


I made him "conversation heart" cookies as a Valentine's present:

"Conversation Heart" Cookies

We then we went out to a fancy dinner, went to see Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages (my friend Anne is a stage manager for the show and she hooked us up with FANTASTIC seats -- thanks, Anne!), and ended the night at the Standard downtown. Now, is that a Valentine's Day or what?

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